Jul 2012

These Guys Rock!

We at Ice vfx are proud to introduce our new roster of award winning VFX, Animation & Motion Graphic directors.
The trio will bring serious fun, because of their expertise, approach, unique creativity and especially their broad palette of ideas and weaponry.
Having them on board will allow us to offer outstanding animation and VFX imagery.

Sandra Germain will become your creative sidekick when it comes down to take a concept and bring it to the screen. She has a deep understanding of storytelling, always a ton of characters in her head, 3D, 2D, and even real people, and she won’t rest until the story is told.

Louis-Martin Duval is a rock star brand man. If your brand is a TV station, a network, a great product, or not so great and you need to make it speak to an audience in a very compelling way! “LM” like we call him, will bring a neat design, strong aesthetic, and connection to the brand.

Guillermo García Carsí is an internationally acclaimed director for his work on Pocoyo and a few other animation concepts, Guillermo had numerous industry accolade such as the Annecy festival and the Bafta, to name a few. Guillermo always brings a unique essence to his characters giving them great body language and a unique style that makes all of his animations memorable.

Don’t miss the opportunity to look at these guy’s show reels.