Ice is proud to present its latest animation project for Nesquik. Though the combination of live action and animation was a real challenge, Sandra Germain and her team did an amazing job. For the animation of the Nesquik bunny character, they used a 3D application to give the character a 2D aspect. This innovative technique speeds up the execution and allows for more flexibility. Specially, the 3D enables you to

For the third consecutive year, Paco Muñoz, EP for Ice, produced the advertising campaign “Barritas Marinela” for their client, Bimbo. For the very first time, the two commercials incorporate live action and 3D animation. The first spots was complete and was aired and the second is scheduled to air in mid-April. Shot entirely in Mexico City, the first commercial takes place in Chapultepec amusement park. In the second spot, our

Dont be an animal, use Ice vfx. Tracking an actor’s head in movement ? No problem, following his gestures, lip sync and acting? Even better ! That’s what Pert Plus tapped us to do for their North American campaign. Creating photorealistic heads and tracking them to follow the exact movements and mannerism of the actors really payed off. Judge for yourself. Our sincere thanks to Directorz production company from Dallas,